Our mission is to offer a complete offering, supported by excellent customer service, in-depth technical product knowledge and shipments in the Netherlands, within and outside Europe.

Our products are:

  • PHEV/EV charging solutions
  • PHEV/EV diagnostic equipment
  • High-quality starter motor and alternator test equipment from the brand "CV Motoplat" & Autodiagger.
  • High-quality starter motor, alternator and air conditioning test equipment from our own brand "Rotrix"
  • You can find everything starter motor, alternator and air conditioning related with us, as well as technical information
  • Various workshop machines, including for overhauling starter motors, alternators and air conditioning compressors
  • Starter motors, Alternators, Air conditioning compressors and parts

About Stremtec

Stremtec is a distributor of rotating electrical components, parts testers, EV charging solutions and workshop equipment for all market segments and car manufacturers worldwide. Stremtec has an extensive website. With each article you will find extensive information and detailed photos.

We also offer high-quality training to get to know these products and to be able to overhaul and resell them according to the customer's wishes.

In addition, we offer extensive training/certifications at customer location anywhere for all new delivered and existing "CV Motoplat" test benches.

Stremtec offers the possibility to deliver orders directly to your customer. You only need to change the delivery address in the payment screen. In addition, you can choose from various transport options.


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